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The law firm of James I. Ofem & Associates was founded in 1991 by Barr. James Iwara Ofem who was called to the Bar since 1985 and has since then, been in active and unbroken practice. Challenging litigation and transactions – have always and will always have a central place in our repertoire.

Practice Areas

Human Rights Law

It would be an understatement to state the fact that, Human Rights abuses in Nigeria today, are overwhelming. However, the prescribed legal methodology for obtaining legal remedies through our law courts is technical and frustrating for the inexperienced lawyer in this field. The worst stumbling block in this regard is the jurisdiction question. That is to say, which court should be the proper one to handle the specific case of breach of fundamental rights. The twin issue of this problem is whether the main claim by the Claimant is purely on fundamental rights breach or whether it is not the main relief or claim? When not properly handled, these issues easily scuttle an otherwise good case that could have succeeded. Our law firm has paid her dues in Human Rights Litigations.


Criminal law and civil law litigations have been our traditional strongholds.


Unarguably, one of the greatest needs of the ordinary Nigerian is availability of electricity. Accessibility to the electricity that the country manages to produce is nightmarish and at a cost beyond the common man. This outrageous cost of electricity includes: illegal bills in its various forms, illegal disconnections, illegal charges for reconnections, replacement by consumers of vandalised electrical installations when its not the consumer’s duty to bear this burden. Above all, ignorance of the rights of the electricity consumers worsens the consumers’ already bad situation. Poverty of the consumer and his unfounded fear that, electricity suppliers’ unethical conduct cannot be challenged compounds the whole matter. This is where we come in with our services to educate the public on how to remedy this situation through avenues that are not limited to going to court. However, other electricity stakeholders also have their legal challenges which require enlightenment, and this is also our area of specialisation.


Real estate law practice is also in our portfolio.


The impudence with which telecommunication firms in Nigeria breach consumers’ rights is saddening. The worst of these atrocities is illegal bills and charges. Our services come handy here to victims of this situation. The remedy to the poor in this regard lies in “Class Action” suits which can be affordable. We are comfortable in this genre of litigations.


Class action suits are a new genre of litigations in Nigeria and are principally suitable for the poor who cannot, individually fund the services of a lawyer but, who can, no matter how many they may be, because of the common or identical legal complaint or interest they may have, be represented by a single lawyer in a single suit at an unbelievably minimal cost affordable to them. A good example of such classes of persons are consumers of electricity who are given illegal and outrageous bills, G.S.M users who suffer various illegal charges for poor services and bank customers who suffer the same experiences but cannot individually challenge these vices because of lack of funds. We are early practitioners of this brand of law practice in Nigeria.

James I. Ofem & Associates

Barr. James Iwara Ofem Vs. JUSUN. Ours is a dynamic law firm, taking advantage of the new challenges thrown up by the emerging global economy. For this reason, we are into stock exchange law; pension law, electricity law and telecommunication law etc., to redeem Nigerian consumers from the extortion and abuses they are being subjected to by electricity and telecommunication companies.

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