About Us

The law firm of James I. Ofem & Associates was founded in 1991 by Barr. James Iwara Ofem who was called to the Bar since 1985 and has since then, been in active and unbroken practice. Challenging litigation and transactions – have always and will always have a central place in our repertoire.
Consciously and painstakingly, we have built a reputation of zero tolerance for client-betrayal which virtue, is almost extinct now in the Nigerian legal market place. Trust like we all know, is the fountain that waters a sustainable client-lawyer relationship. This is our bulwark. It is for this reason that, we are God-based and hence, our philosophy “IN GOD WE TRUST.” And because we have our trust in God and not in man or wealth, we cannot be intimidated from rendering our services to our clients maximally even as Civil Rights Lawyers.
This law firm has its head office in Calabar and a branch in Ugep, both in Cross River State. In the entire nation of Nigeria, it is only Barr. James Iwara Ofem, the head of this law firm that challenged in court, the illegality of the 2015 JUSUN Strike that unjustifiably shutdown almost all the courts in Nigeria with the attendant unquantifiable economic and emotional trauma to litigants, litigation lawyers and unlucky detainees who were denied bail in various courts because of the strike and were consequently clamped in awaiting trial cells nationwide. See Barr. James Iwara Ofem Vs. JUSUN. Ours is a dynamic law firm, taking advantage of the new challenges thrown up by the emerging global economy. For this reason, we are into stock exchange law; pension law, electricity law and telecommunication law etc., to redeem Nigerian consumers from the extortion and abuses they are being subjected to by electricity and telecommunication companies.
We are placing very serious emphasis both on electricity and telecommunication law. It is no gain saying that, we have paid our dues in Land Law, Criminal and other civil litigations practice. As is customary with our flare for novel areas of law practice, we are in full scale, leveraging on “Class Action” litigations. Our corporate social responsibility culture has taken us to a most unlikely but deserving area of sports called “Draught” (very popular though). See our “Barr. James Iwara Ofem’s Draught Completion – Ugep” on our event column. Meet our team of ordinary Nigerians but of uncommon ideas that has fetched us the nickname of “Thinknologists.” See you at our teams’ column.
We patiently give a listening ear to our clients whom we treat as equals, respect their opinions and claim not to be all knowing but seek to convince them with the law, the way we know and understand it. This rapport which cannot be found in most law firms has given us a unique edge over others.